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Hunting Checklist: 8 Items You Must Have This Deer Season

The season is upon us. You most likely have that tingly feeling in your stomach and can’t focus at work. You can only think about one thing. That one thing is consuming every part of you right now. That’s probably why you are reading this article instead of finishing that report that’s due tomorrow or filling out the weekly spreadsheet. Now for the important question: Are you ready for the season? Here are eight things you must have on your hunting checklist going into the season! 

 #1 Safety Harness

The majority of us will utilize treestands this fall to give us an advantage over our prey. Treestands are certainly one of the most effective ways to get close to deer. Due to the inherent danger of being 20 feet off the ground, they also come with some risk. We owe it to our family and friends to put in the effort to make sure we are safe and come home to them. Make sure you have a quality safety harness that is in good working condition. Personally, I love the HAWK Elevate Lite. It’s light, fits snug, and is easy to adjust. But, the fact that you wear a harness is far more important than the specific brand. Not only is a harness important, but so is a lifeline. If you are not connected from the bottom of the tree to the top you are still endangering yourself. Seventy four percent of all treestand accidents happen when climbing up or down a tree.

 #2 Mobile Set Up Cruzr Tree Bracket

“Getting mobile” will be made up of three items. The first of the three is the HAWK Cruzr Bracket. Getting mobile can be a great way to learn a new property, hunt spots you haven’t been able to pre-hang a set in, or move in on deer that aren’t coming quite close enough. But, why would you ever need a bracket for a “mobile” setup? When we are trying to move in on an area for the first time or planning a “hang and hunt” the last thing we want to do is bang around and make a bunch of noise. The Cruzr bracket gives you the ability to set up your stand extremely quickly and much more quietly than the traditional method. For $23 I will take that trade off every day of the week!

#3 Packable Climbing SticksClimbing Sticks for Hunting

The HELIUM climbing sticks are perfect for getting mobile! The Helium climbing sticks have many benefits: They are less than 3lbs each. They have silent lock technology, basically a rubber suction cup that allows you to stack the sticks together quickly and quietly. It also keeps the sticks from bouncing around on your pack. Quality sticks that are light and easy to pack is a must if you want to be mobile. 

#4 Quality Stand 

A quality stand is going to make life much easier when it comes to being mobile! If I had to choose one stand for a “mobile setup” the Helium Pro would undoubtedly be my #1 draft pick. Not only is it compatible with the Cruzr bracket, but you can also adjust the platform. This is a huge bonus because it gives you a much wider range of trees to choose from! 

#5 Ground Blind Ground Blind

Why would I include a ground blind you ask? Surprisingly, sooner or later you will find quite a few scenarios where you just can’t get a tree stand to work. That’s where ground blinds come in. They give you an edge and the ability to set up wherever you need to instead of where you have to. They are also great for kids and in colder temperatures. We have killed numerous mature bucks out of a ground blind. 

#6 Flashlight/Headlamp 

Being in the dark is just a part of hunting. Getting into our stands- it’s dark. Getting out of our stands- it’s dark. A quality reliable flashlight and headlamp are an absolute must. Always make sure to have a backup set of batteries for your flashlight and headlamp with you at all times! Trophy Ridge makes a pretty slick quiver that has a green light on it. I’ll admit, at first it seemed tacky to me, but after hunting with it and realizing how convenient it is, I will never part from it. 

#7 Lighted Nocks Lighted Bow Nocks

What on earth could make lighted nocks qualify as  a “must?” Truth be told they are not an ABSOLUTE “must”, but let me state my case first! In a hunting situation your arrow can provide significantly important information. If you can find your arrow it can give you many indicators on what your hit may be if you did not see the animal expire. It also makes it much easier to locate your arrow. If you kill a deer and get a clean pass through, the arrow could wind up buried in the dirt or skipping off a branch, landing somewhere you wouldn’t have expected. Once it gets dark a bright nock is much much easier to locate than an arrow without one. Lighted nocks make it easier to see where you impacted an animal and easier to find your arrows. Two things that are both absolutely vital to recovering your animal. 

#8 Trail Cameras 

Trail Cameras are one of the absolute best tools you can have in the woods! They are gathering info 24/7, something we can’t do no matter how driven we are. You will find bucks you had no idea existed, and these trail cams will provide invaluable intel on habits, patterns, etc. When it comes to choosing between cell cams and traditional SD card cameras there are a few key items to keep in mind. Cell cams certainly have the edge when it comes to providing data. Real time data is impossible to beat, only cell cams can offer that. However, more than likely you will have a few spots that will not provide enough reception to get pictures through via cell cams. For some, it may take away some of the challenge by the ability to receive real time data. SD card cameras can not provide real time data. However they can be located anywhere you would like. They are also often cheaper than cell cams with no monthly fees. Not to mention, they are just fun to check! 

There you go! Eight things you want to have access to this season. Some of these you may already have, others maybe not. Hopefully this article provided some insight on essential items and how they can benefit you in the woods this fall! If you still need all or some of these items for this hunting season, check out our store.

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