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Hunting Trends You Should Know

There are some things you cannot control during each hunting season. Mild or severe weather, an early or late harvest of local crops, or an early freeze. Each of these impact visibility for you and scarcity in coverage areas for your targets. One thing you can control is you. There are several tools and hunting techniques that can help you improve your hunting experience. Here are a few hunting trends you should know to help you improve your next hunt.


Proven Hunting Techniques

First are the tried-and-true hunting techniques. Trust your instincts. Pay attention to your surroundings and get a good feel for the hunting conditions. Notice wind direction and speed to ensure your targets – deer, elk, or bear – don’t detect you before you can get a good shot. Always listen to the sounds around you. Animals have keen senses, so consider using calls based on what stage the animals are in. For example, use deer calls based on stages of rut the deer are in.


Latest tools and technology

Mild weather provides tremendous opportunities across the Midwest for hunters to get more time in the field. Those that are prepared by setting trail cams are able to understand the patterns of the deer in the area and set up a plan for the best time of day to be ready for their target to be in the area.


Numbers of Hunters Fluctuate Per Region

In early 2020, the national decline in the number of hunters in the U.S. made national headlines. However, by December 2020, that number had recovered slightly due to many people taking to the outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to national statistics on hunting, Nevada saw a 30 percent increase in number of hunting licenses and Maine sold a record number of deer hunting permits.

The uptick in number of hunters has leveled off in most regions, but there are some areas of the US that are still seeing that number hold steady. For these states where hunting continues to be a solid favorite for many, the local DNRs are encouraged with their land conservation funding. For example, an expected 55,000 to 60,000 hunters were expected to don their blaze orange gear in Iowa in 2021 according to an article in the Globe Gazette.

This is great for our industry, and it is our commitment to ensure hunting enthusiasts have access to the tools and training they needs to be safe and effective each time they hunt.

At Raised Outdoors, our mission is to support outdoor enthusiasts whether their passion is camping, hunting or enjoying an outdoor recreational sport. Check out some of our most recent educational videos on our YouTube channel to learn more about individual hunts. Or follow us on Facebook to keep updated on events and product discounts throughout the year.

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