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David Holder, Founder and Producer of Raised Hunting TV, has turned the outdoors into his research lab in order to equip todays hunters with tested, proven skills and tactics.
David youth was consumed with hunting squirrels, rabbits and whitetail deer. In his late teenage years, David identified a burning desire to learn everything he could about hunting. At the time, this love and passion for hunting was in order to accomplish a goal. Simply to harvest a deer.

For David this meant studying and understanding the animals he was hunting. David was and is a student of wildlife. However living in the suburbs of Washington DC and hunting only on weekends drove him to take action and move out west where hunting opportunities were more abundant.

Being a Firefighter by profession, this awarded the time and ability to hunt more than the average guy. David soon became a part of the Primos Hunting Calls Pro staff and traveled the west teaching educational seminars on calling and communicating with turkey, deer and elk. David spent more than 10 years with Primos and learned a great deal from mentors such as Will Primos himself. David retired from Firefighting in the fall of 2009 and started focusing his full time efforts on raising his family and building a company to help others learn to be successful in the woods.

While living in Montana, David was successful at harvesting bull elk for 17 consecutive years on public land, using his bow and arrow. David has harvested hundreds of animals across the lower 48, including moose, whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, elk, turkey, bear, many of which qualify for the Pope & Young record books as well as Boone & Crockett. On average, David hunts and or films over 150 days per year and has been hunting for 45 years.

If you ask David what is his most proud accomplishment it would not be what he has harvested, but what he has taught his sons about hunting and helping to establish their foundation in hunting.

David believes that the hunter is the most effective conservation tool on the planet. He is committed to helping others be successful, every trick, tip and strategy is right here inside of Raised Outdoors for one reason. To help other hunters as much as possible!

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