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Top Placements for Your Turkey Decoys

If you want to increase your turkey decoy effectiveness while bow hunting, there’s a few things you should know before setting them up. The amount of decoys and distance of your decoys are both important factors in the success of your hunt. 

Patience is Key

Most people think by drawing them in closer than 15-20 yards that you’ll scare them away. But, that’s where we think you just need a little patience. After all, a good hunter and patience go hand-in-hand, right? Once you sense a tom strutting in to see why these decoys are hanging out without him, that’s when you get set. The reason to get set early is because you don’t want to cause too much noise or commotion to scare him away. Be patient. If you’re already set up by the time the turkey is near your decoys, all you have to do is aim and release! Here are other placement tips for your turkey decoys

Where to Place Your Decoys

Because the target is so small, it’s best to get them as close as possible. You’ll be able to pinpoint what you’re aiming at and obtain a better shot as the bird gets closer. Keep in mind that you don’t want your turkey to get closer than six to eight yards away since this causes them to be at too much of a downward angle making it extremely difficult to get a good shot. We’ve found that this sweet spot between six to eight yards has been the most successful. This distance may vary a little, but not by much!

Our Favorite Setup

Now, we know some setups work better than others. The setup that we have had the most success with is one male turkey and two hen decoys. It’s important to set one hen farther away from the other two decoys so that birds walking in from different angles can always spot a hen. Typically, turkeys will come right up to your decoys. Sometimes they tend to hang back a little bit, and with decoys six to eight yards from your blind, that still gives you a very makeable shot.  Don’t worry too much about whether you should use a tom or jake decoy because the exact type of decoy doesn’t matter as much as the distance you set them up! 

Turkey Vital Zone

As we said earlier, the target we are aiming at is incredibly small, but not too small to hit! Whether you’re hunting gobblers, jakes, or hens, making sure you’re aware of  the vital zone for turkey hunting is extremely important. Check out our Turkey Vital Zone to learn exactly where you should be aiming for the best shot.

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